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Police, government, military, guard, martial arts schools, contractors, security & personal defense training programs.

Top 10 reasons American Black Ops training program should be in your school.

1. Your school’s website will be added to our site as an American Black Ops Combat Arts Certified School.

2. Attend & teach training seminars.

3. Get cutting edge training updates & modifications.

4. Receive certification for you your school and students. 

5. Access to a continuous variety of techniques from different instructors & systems.

6. Receive discounts on supplies, uniforms, training equipment, martial arts media & weapons, firearms, and survival gear.

7. Be part of a large community of trained professionals in a wide field of influence.

8. Gain access to a library of martial arts styles, techniques & forms, personal development theory, medical training & meditation practices.

9. A link to upcoming events, social gatherings, award banquets & mass networking.

10. Be a part of a driving force for making America stronger !!

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Also Offering Traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Sword

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